John and Jon boring outside of Willamina Public Library to prep for Fiber Install

Current construction plans

The citywide fiber buildout in Willamina is moving right along. Fiber mainline has been installed from Willamina Drive over to B Street. This week our fiber crew will be installing along 4th Street as well as B and C Streets north of 4th. We’re also planning on finishing boring down 3rd to E Street.

Recently, Willamina Public Library announced its plans to turn part of its space into makerspace. This will be a space where people can come to learn new skills, be creative and share ideas and passions with one another. To help support this initiative, we just connected the library with a new 200 Mbps fiber service.

With fiber’s incredible capacity, we know that it will be able to handle the demands of the Makers of Willamina, whether that be a middle schooler using one of the SparkFun kits that were recently donated to the library or someone looking to potentially start their own local business. We believe that this makerspace will become a model for other rural libraries.  We’re excited to be partnering with the community in Willamina to help build this future today.

Go check it out!

Justin Stritzke and Dennis Ulrich sawing a table in half to make room for the makerspace