Hayden works with network admin Nate Arneson to test a new business phone system at the Solid Form office in McMinnville


This summer, OnlineNW hired two full-time interns in partnership with the McMinnville Works Program

I worked as an intern alongside Hayden Meek-Avedovech. For just over a year, my role at the office has been to manage and maintain the organization’s social media presence while also designing online and in-house marketing materials. 

Hayden’s role was very different than mine — he did it all. Describing himself as an IT fanatic with a passion for all things cyber-focused, Hayden is no stranger to the world of tech. While possessing a natural interest in analytics, programming, and puzzle-solving, he also values his creative freedom and curiosity both personally and professionally. So OnlineNW gave him the opportunity to job shadow multiple areas both in the office and out in the field, which provided him an interactive look at the function and dynamics of the company. “I got to learn what I like,” Hayden said.

Hayden graduated from McMinnville High School this year. During his time there, he was known for being a go-to tech guy for both teachers and student peers alike, as an IT Assistant. With a vast interest in IT management and the broad spectrum of modern technology, he also studied computer programming and is fluent in several code languages including Vis Basic, Java, JavaScript, and C++. 

Throughout his internship, Hayden learned about workplace culture. He recalled a conversation early on with Eric Yeaple, Chief Operating Officer at OnlineNW, where he learned about the company’s emphasis on character traits such as discipline, curiosity, and collaboration. Qualities that Hayden experienced firsthand while working alongside the field technicians as well as listening in on both the customer support and sales associate conversations with customers. Over time, Hayden began to understand how culture creates a workplace’s identity and vice versa — and how critical it is to prioritize character for the development of a healthy workplace environment. 

Hayden’s favorite part about working at OnlineNW was the exposure. More specifically, meeting many new people and having endless opportunities to work with mostly everybody in the organization. Hayden explained that everyone at the office acted as a mentor to him. “They all care and are truly kind and helpful.” he praised. “They also recognize that we’re interns. And we might not always know what we’re doing.” 

Hayden has his eyes set on a career in technology. Beginning this fall, he is pursuing an associates degree at Chemeketa Community College. His long-term goal is to transfer to a public university to complete a bachelor’s degree in computer science. All to support his passion for cyber-security and software design. 

For years, OnlineNW has been a proud supporter of young incoming professionals. And ever since the company began to hire employees with a primary focus on character, they have been fueling their growth by creating a unique culture that supports all levels of learning. As OnlineNW continues evolving, they will continue welcoming new employees with a passion for proactive learning and self-discovery.