Across from Dayton High School at the corner of Sweeney and Ferry street, Fishbone Construction has embarked on a project to build new homes in Dayton. This housing is being built as a new subdivision called Filbert Pointe.

A recently paved roadway

Fishbone Construction, founded by husband and wife Darrick Price and Raylinda Price, is a family made construction company based in McMinnville. With plans to begin constructing Filbert Pointe in early 2020, Darrick has considered the widespread family living opportunities that this new housing unit will provide the community of Dayton, especially so close to the school district and only blocks away from the downtown stretch.

Darrick has partnered with several businesses to help support the project, including a separate non-profit organization ‘Housing People,’ which helps residents pay for their homes through financial support systems such as affordable loans and mortgage payment plans.

Among several other corporate and community partnerships including First Federal Bank and Recology, Fishbone Construction is also partnered with OnlineNW. OnlineNW is supporting the project by providing the subdivision with fiber internet: a cutting-edge internet technology that all future residents will have full access to. As a first for OnlineNW, we are building fiber in the subdivision before construction begins, at the project’s foundation, to open opportunities for future residents to connect; an intentional, built-in feature of the subdivision.

OnlineNW conduit peaks up from underground

“There is a need for affordable housing in Dayton.” Darrick explained, highlighting the value of the subdivision’s walkability as well as the aspiration to see it house families that are part of the school district.

Expect to see construction in the near future as OnlineNW continues to pull fiber through the site while collaborating with Fishbone Construction. We are cultivating a partnership to create a wonderful opportunity across from the high school which will be an important piece of Dayton and its innovative development.