A map display stands inside of Dayton’s Courthouse Square Park

A year ago, Fishbone Construction began a subdivision project in Dayton called Filbert Pointe. A unique, mixed-market housing plan to provide quality homes in town just across from the high school.

An OnlineNW fiber truck

Darrick Price is the founder of Fishbone Construction and has received a lot of project support from local companies. On a business level, Darrick is not only concerned with providing unique and high-quality housing, but developing ways to help consumers purchase those houses. First Federal Bank supports that initiative as a collaborator to Darrick’s nonprofit called Housing People, which helps people secure zero-down, low-interest mortgages. Another local business supporting the project is Recology: a resource recovery company that is recycling all debris produced during construction. And not to mention our team at OnlineNW who built an underground fiber internet network through the construction site.

While Fishbone Construction has developed strong connections on a business level, the company is family-centered with a love for the community of Dayton and a long list of community partners. However, the project would be impossible without the partnership of Tom and Pieper Sweeney, who are farmers with a long-term commitment to the agricultural prosperity of their region.

Together, they have formed a unique partnership, both parties heavily ingrained in their community and involved in each other’s developing projects. To further cement this partnership, they are also long-standing friends.

Pieper and Tom Sweeney grow hazelnuts, berries and seed crops in the Dayton area. They have also always been interested in real estate and land use. With a background in volunteer work surrounding farmland and community preservation efforts, notably as a past board member of Farmers Ending Hunger and current vice-president of the Yamhill County Farm Bureau, Pieper Sweeney is a passionate advocate for agricultural issues, education and community involvement. Pieper moved to Dayton from Salem 31 years ago. Reflecting on her first impressions of the small town, she voiced her initial concerns about raising a family in a small community with seemingly less resources than her hometown of Salem. But upon watching her children grow up in the Dayton School District, it became clear to Pieper that Dayton was the place for her and her family to thrive — noting the excellent teacher-to-student support and strength of the community at large.

While Tom and Pieper are unaffiliated with Fishbone Construction on a business level, both parties share a concern for the health, opportunity and accessibility in their community.

The Filbert Pointe construction site across from the high school

Pieper says; “We had been growing berries on this land inside the urban-growth boundary and it became more and more difficult to farm because of its proximity, both to the school across the street on the north and to the adjacent neighborhoods on both the east and south sides of the property. It made so much more sense to have housing within walking distance to the school and near the subdivisions.” On that note, she expressed a mutual belief between her and Tom that: “Farmland should be protected so that we don’t have to rely on other countries to provide our food. And the growth of our cities should happen in a thoughtful and inspired manner.” With a strong dedication to Dayton’s growth and development in both agriculture and industry, the Sweeneys and Darrick were able to combine skill sets to see this project expand on many different levels.

Pieper explained that working with Darrick was appealing because of the nature of the subdivision; she and Tom were drawn to the aspiration to create a high quality, mixed market housing unit in Dayton with built-in access to fiber internet and a solid structure with unique features. Pieper says that each member of this partnership has played a unique role in the project. Darrick has an expansive background in construction and management, while her and Tom are offering further support through their own perspectives. She says: “Tom is all about numbers with his background in business and real estate. I’m more focused on the look of the homes and how they feel” Describing her own role in the project, she says, “Housing is important. It builds community, security and stability.” She described her desire to create a visually warm and welcoming neighborhood by finalizing unique exterior architecture for the attached homes, a beautiful color palette and even integrating potential features such as granite interior accents. With an aesthetic sensibility for the inside and outside of the homes, Pieper says: “We want it to feel like a neighborhood.”

Filbert Pointe just received the final approval from the county to begin building houses. Darrick is preparing building permits for home construction and has confirmed his intent to begin construction as soon as permits are ready and construction financing is closed. In the meantime, he and the team are raising excitement to enter the next stage of the process. With widespread business and community support, Darrick is looking forward to adding to the uniqueness, charm and comfortability that makes Dayton a thriving community to live in.

For updates and information, check out Fishbone Construction’s website at www.fishboneconstruction.com. If you are interested in the subdivision’s built-in fiber internet network, please contact OnlineNW at 503.883.9200.