Residential Services


At OnlineNW, we are committed to providing the best possible internet experience in the Mid-Valley region. We offer multiple internet solutions and service availability is based upon geographical location. To learn about which services might be available in your area, use the search tool below by first entering your address.

Our Technologies


With over 140 transmitters throughout four counties in the Mid Valley region, OnlineNW’s fixed-wireless network offers the flexibility to provide internet connectivity in many underserved urban and rural areas that are difficult to reach with hardwired services.


In several urban and rural areas in the Mid-Valley region, OnlineNW provides DSL internet service with broadband speeds. This service uses existing phone networks, to provide internet to those who otherwise would have extremely limited options.


Over the past few years, OnlineNW’s fiber network has been recognized as one of the fastest networks in the United States. With speeds up to 10 gigs, rural communities have access to life-changing internet speeds.

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