Phone Services

OnlineNW Phone Services

OnlineNW provides phone service for both residential and business customers. Our Digital Phone product requires OnlineNW Highspeed Internet access. In this section you will find information on how to use our phone systems, and troubleshoot common phone problems. Interested in Digital Phone Services? Request more information. See our Features FAQ for frequently asked questions.

Digital Phone Features

Digital Phone Features

OnlienNW’s Digital Phone Web Portal grants you the power to manage your phone service from abroad! Digital Phone Web Portal Access found at URL:

  • View your calling logs
  • Manage call routing, set up call forwards on the fly!
  • Download and listen to voicemails.
  • Send out faxes in .pdf format (available to all OnlineNW phone lines via The Digital Phone Web Portal)
  • View received faxes (feature only available for designated fax lines)
  •  Click for phone feature instructions (“How-to” update password, voicemail, greetings, forwards, 3-way calling, etc) 

Phone Forms & Guides

Order Forms / Terms & Conditions

  •  Customer Agreement Checklist: Online Webform  |  Printable form
  • Letter of Authorization (LOA):  Online Webform | Printable form  (submission of a signed copy is required in order to port your existing telephone number)
  • Toll-Free LOA :  Printable form  (ink signed form required when ordering Toll-Free Ports)

Guides and Other Packets

Policies and Conditions


See the troubleshooting page for information on how to troubleshoot the phone connection. Note that you may need a working internet connection to be able to use our service. If the internet connection is not working as well you may wish to see our DSL troubleshooting or wireless troubleshooting pages.

E911 Notice

As with all Digital Voice Services – E911 service may be limited or unavailable if:

  • There is a power outage affecting your service
  • Your service is interrupted or disconnected
  • Your internet connection is not working properly
  • You move your service to another address

IMPORTANT: Be sure to contact OnlineNW if your address changes so that we can update your E-911 information!

Directory Listings

All Ported in numbers are ported in “As-is” meaning that all your directory listing information should not change at all from the way your last provider had it.

  • OnlineNW does not order Directory Listing changes until specifically asked to by the end user.
  • If you wish to make a change to your listing, you will need to contact OnlineNW to initiate that request, and there may be a charge associated.
  • Online NW can only submit change request for “Whitepage” Listings.
  • OnlineNW does not handle any advertised “Yellowpage” Listings
  • Because of the nature of “printed” phonebooks and the methods that current publishers use to gather their phone book listing information, OnlineNW can not guarantee any sort of timeline for when your entry will show up correctly in printed versions of the phone book.