Spam and Whitelisting

Recently OnlineNW changed the Mail Servers to use a more comprehensive SPAM filter. Some people have had issues with the new SPAM filter as the emails they used to receive from places like distribution emails and mailing lists sometimes get rejected by our servers. These new filters keep out many more SPAM messages than the good ones they block. You can change your settings to allow email addresses/email servers to come through to your inbox if you need to continue receiving emails from these places. Here is how.

Log into your OnlineNW Webmail here.



After you log in to your webmail you should see the following screen.



Click on the AntiSpam settings link to access the settings.



Most people are interested in the From: Whitelist link which will allow you to inblock people from emailing you if you need them to. Also there are other useful functions such as blacklisting people or subjects.



All you have to do is add email addresses such as “” and that will allow anything that email address sends you. Likewise you could use the server check box and say that anything from is good to send to your inbox, please keep in mind that if you allow a server you can get emails from any email address that server has and some of them might be sending things you don’t want. For instance adding is perfectly valid but you really don’t want to add all of yahoo email address to be able to send to you.

There are some Anti-Spam settings that have “with quarantine” if you are one of these people that need to be able to check the messages marked as SPAM, please turn this on, but you must check this frequently as your mailbox will fill up with these as well. If you need to check your quarantined emails , here is where to find them.



For more information on SPAM please read our SPAM FAQ’s PDF here. If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to contact our Support Team at or by phone at #503.883.9200