Riley and John discuss plans for Ivy street

Community, connection and innovation. At OnlineNW, we keep true to our values by focusing much of our expansion toward limited resource communities that shine with potential. Communities like those in the west valley, whose initiatives are fronted by change-making leadership with a key concern for the prosperity of their community, their industries, and their school districts. Most recently, we are supporting the town of Willamina by expanding our world-class fiber internet network throughout their community.

Our fiber crew boring on Main Street.

This past Thursday, our fiber team at OnlineNW finished laying underground fiber through the main roadway connecting Southwest and Southeast Ivy st. The last piece of the Willamina project will be our fiber construction up to the school district campus. In the meantime, we are celebrating the hard work of our fiber team and building excitement as we get closer and closer to the end of our project.

Roughly three years ago, we began this large-scale construction project. We saw opportunity in Willamina and sought out to provide a solution to their aspiration of connecting on greater levels. Now equipped with a high-speed fiber internet network, Willamina is the next 10-gig community. That said, they now have access to a more competitive edge as well as a greater opportunity to innovate, while opening doors to a number of untapped possibilities in their homes, businesses and schools.

As a proud partner and supporter of Willamina, we are thrilled to see how our network will impact this community.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue getting closer and closer to the end of our fiber construction in town. For more information on our newly available fiber services in Willamina, call or email us today; we would love to hear from you.