In December of 2020, OnlineNW received a grant of $500,000 from Yamhill County as part of the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act): a grant from the county, awarded to us to accelerate the expansion of our wireless coverage area and upgrade services being provided to existing customers in our network.

Read below for more information about our mission and how we need your help in order to reach success. When you are ready to fill out an interest form, scroll down to the bottom of the page.


OnlineNW is the largest local Internet service provider serving residents and businesses in Yamhill County that are outside the reach of fiber or cable broadband service. We began building our rural wireless network in Yamhill County in 2004 and have continued to expand and improve that network to extend broadband access to rural customers in Yamhill County. Our mission is opportunity within the development of our community’s digital capabilities, especially in hard to reach places that need connection the most.


We are planning to use this money to build additional tower locations in and around Yamhill County. New towers will be constructed in Sheridan, Amity, Eola Hills, Chehalem Ridge and several other other locations throughout the County. We have also secured new tower leases at strategic towers already in key areas. These new towers locations will extend our coverage area to be able to offer services to customers we could not reach previously. Additionally, it will allow us to add more transmitters, creating a network that is more dense and thus allowing us to deliver broadband speeds (as defined by the FCC – 25 Mbps download / 3 Mbps upload) to most or all of the customers that we serve. We will also be upgrading services provided to existing customers in our network to further optimize our service.


Our goal is to expend all of the grant funds to add new tower locations as quickly as possible to get new and improved services to as many rural customers as possible. The purpose of this ongoing project is to give rural customers the same access to the Internet as those who live in cities, where fiber and cable are available. After we have succeeded, all rural customers in Yamhill County that are able to see any of our transmitters will be able to access our broadband service.


It is important for us to select tower locations in opportune and strategic areas; your input will help us ensure that we are focusing on areas of the county with the greatest need.

By filling out our Interest Form, you show us where demand is greatest. If our technical assessment ensures feasibility, we will focus our efforts on those areas. Additionally, if you believe you have or know of a potential tower location that has a viewshed to many homes, use this form to let us know that as well.

Please stay tuned for future updates as we continue to expand our network and reach further throughout Yamhill County. We will be updating our blog and social media with new developments as they continually surface.

Yamhill County Wireless Interest Form

  • Please input the location where you are interested in having service.
  • You may use this text box to suggest additional addresses/locations. If you have a specific tower location suggestion, let us know. Your input matters to us and will greatly impact the expansion of our network.