We at OnlineNW and XS Media have partnered with COS Systems to bring you a new interface for exploring communication solutions in your area and beyond.

Ever since our beginnings in the late 90’s, our mission has been to bridge the digital divide in the communities we serve. We are part of, and personally invested in these communities, so as a local company with a local presence, we wanted our communications to feel in-tune with the region’s needs and wants, and most importantly, driven by action and innovation.

More recently, after exploring new ways to deliver customer-facing communications, it became clear that we needed a new system which would enable people not only to voice their interest in expanding fiber or wireless service to their location, but recommend other locations for expansion, collaborate with neighbors to advocate for their area, and see exactly what services are available at any given location.

So we collaborated with COS Systems, an IT solution that would enable us to create a new, user-friendly interface which leverages helpful data about different regions and communities. We log data that gives us the clearest direction for future fiber or wireless expansion, and you get the information and support you need with just a few clicks.

Every time we begin a fiber build-out or connect a wireless tower in a new location, we must consider the financial, strategic and practical viability of the project—business is business. However, we want our next move to always begin with you.

Check out our COS website to learn more about available services in your area, as well as our Champion program and additional communication resources. Your needs and wants will inform our next move for expansion and we greatly value the input that you leave for us. If you have ideas for expansion, questions about our existing networks, or thoughts about the services we could provide, then we hope to hear from you soon!