In the first week of January, much of the state was hit by a strong winter storm, bringing heavy rains followed by several inches of snow. The extreme weather in the area caused a nearby creek to flood the Walterville Elementary school in East Lane County. Flood water caused significant damage and forced students to transition to remote learning while the area is in recovery and repairs are made. Recently, the Springfield School District identified Mohawk Elementary, a local and recently closed school, to be the temporary location for students to return to in-person learning on short notice.

However, a critical concern quickly surfaced; the school, and surrounding area, is very rural and doesn’t have access to modern internet services.

The following week, the school district reached out to our team at XS Media and asked if there was anything we could do. Quickly, we got our team together and began installing 600Mbps service to the building; a much faster option in the area. Internally, it took our entire team to successfully and quickly get the school connected. We had dispatch rearranging the schedule to make room for the project, technicians working together to install wireless links, climb towers and do site surveys, wireless engineers getting licenses on short notice, and managers coordinating the project on the backend.

Following the collaborative work of our dedicated team, we are proud to report that as of last Thursday (1/20), service is live and the area is ready to accommodate in-person learning. Staff and students plan to transition to the new location on Monday, January 31st.

We at XS Media strive to deploy the best technology available; but perhaps more importantly, we take every measure possible to ensure that our community’s essential needs are met—because we know they’re counting on us to keep them connected. As always, we thank our communities for their understanding and support during emergency situations such as these, as well as our team for their adaptability and diligence in restoring service to those in need.